About this blog

I feel there needs to be some clarification about the reviewing process…particularly helpful for my wonderful ‘assistants’ that have been accompaning me!

1. The Hot Chocolate must be the standard hot chocolate or as close to it as possible…no extra flavours/variations allowed.

2. I am not allowed to ask for marshmallows

3. I am not price comparing! If its the best hot chocolate in Adelaide, the price is irrelevant to me!

4.  The cup rating is based purely on the quality  and deliciosness of the hot chocolate. Things like ambiance, service, price, etc. are not factored into this rating. The best hot chocolate could come from anywhere, even a shithole like Villi’s Cafe. You just never know!

5. I will make mention of various things mentioned in rule 4 if I feel the need to.

6. I love marshmallows with my hot chocolate, as well as a lot of froth and chocolate on top.

7. This is SO FUN!!!!!!!