The Aviary Dessert Kitchen

While I wouldn’t say this was the best hot chocolate I’ve had, it’s far from the worst. I’ve given it a 3 cup rating, though to be honest it probably only deserved a 2.5…standard milk and powder job. The cups really brought it down…weird shape as you can see from the the picture…they were small and seemed more like bowls…not very comfortable sipping!! Seriously just put it in a regular cup and be done with it.  The marshmallows were full of amazeness, even though they cost an extra 50c for 2 the fluffy pillows of heaven are well worth it!! And all the shortcomings are made up for by the desserts in this place…I think they are the best I’ve ever had!


The Aviary is located on The Parade at Norwood. I’d recommend booking if you can or be prepared for a wait…they do take care of you though, we got little cups of green tea to and a heater to keep us warm while we waited!!