Lucia’s, Central Market 5/6/2012

I was really coerced into this one by the lovely cafe lady…I hope she’s reading this! See the thing is, im not actually an exclusive hot chocolate drinker. I really enjoy coffee, tea and lately especially chai lattes! And boy, was I in the mood for a chai that day. It was all I’d been thinking about since breakfast that morning. So this place doesn’t do chai. I had to settle for a hot chocolate, which meant reviewing! I tried to be as true to the hot chocolate as possible, despite my reservations and not being in the mood for chocolate after scoffing down some heavenly chocolate sultanas ( thanks mr charlesworth!). Anyway, the froth was frothy, in a really good way. It was smooth and plentiful. The actual drink was not bad. Clearly not of a 5 cup standing and definitely was your standard powder job but you know what, it was pretty good for a drink in market cafe! 3 out 5 Cup rating if you please. Image