The Aviary Dessert Kitchen

While I wouldn’t say this was the best hot chocolate I’ve had, it’s far from the worst. I’ve given it a 3 cup rating, though to be honest it probably only deserved a… Continue reading

Lucia’s, Central Market 5/6/2012

I was really coerced into this one by the lovely cafe lady…I hope she’s reading this! See the thing is, im not actually an exclusive hot chocolate drinker. I really enjoy coffee, tea… Continue reading

Elephant Walk Cafe

Well, what can I say? I had high hopes for this one! Mainly because it is late night dessert cafe, I guess just have expectations these days. Anyway lets get to it…the presentation was really… Continue reading

Heaven Field. 2/6/2012

To be honest, it was a bit of a watery mess. Luckily it wasn’t mine, I just gave it a thorough tasting. This isn’t really the place for a hot chocolate so I… Continue reading

Cocolat Rundle St

I was pretty excited for this place. Even more excited when I saw the menu claiming to have “the best hot chocolate in town” And it was delicious. A quality hot chocolate- but… Continue reading

The Deli

The food was good. The service was good. The art work and ambiance exciting and warm. The background music is definitely above standard. The waiters we love. If I was rating the peppermint tea –… Continue reading


.It’s a hard life being a hot chocolate blogger….sacrifices are made. On this occasion it was the hazelnut, chocolate indulgence and dark chocolate varieties I had to forgo in order to make a… Continue reading

A waiter’s charm at Cafe Fellini…

Cafe Fellini on O’Connell street is decent choice for a hot chocolate. I’d say it was the quirky and warm waiter that let this one obtain a high rating, but when it comes… Continue reading

The Chocolate Bean

Decent chocolate, not too sweet. Reasonable amount of frothed milk, good temperature…extra points for the delicious extras….no marshmallows 😦 …selection of cakes and other desserts makes this place worth the visit! For example,… Continue reading


Spats Coffee Lounge, a long time favourite for a late night dessert and catchup with friends, sadly did not deliver on the hot chocolate front. Spats has great ambiance with its low lighting… Continue reading